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Nice to meet you!

I'm Lucy!

Lucy Pittroff (formerly Lucy Carlisle) Studios was born in 2020 out of a dream to combine my passion for supporting small & local businesses with my love for branding and aesthetics, but quickly grew beyond that. Today, my studio has partnered with over 50 brands - from boutiques in Cape Cod to global medical associations to brand new startups to solopreneurs to a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley just to name a few. You can imagine no two days of work look the same for me. Sometimes I'm on-site collaborating with my clients, or at a coffee shop working on the final touches to a website rehaul, or putting together an email marketing strategy for the quarter (curious to see a full list of my services? click here.). When you work with me, you will feel like I am part of your team. I care about your business's success as if it were my own and am committed to seeing my clients achieve their dreams. As the marketing industry is constantly evolving, I find it exciting and fulfilling to stay ahead of trends and guide my clients so they are well-positioned for success.  

But, enough about me. I'd really love to hear about you and your business! Let's talk. 

I'm inspired by...

your passion for your business!

About YOU

You foster a collaborative environment where ideas flow freely. 

You're passionate about your brand, its values, and most importantly, its impact on the world.


You view marketing as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix, striving to build loyalty over time. 

You recognize the power of building a community around your brand. 

You celebrate successes - both big and small. 

You appreciate the fun in marketing and enjoy being creative and clever with your strategy.


To fuel my creativity, I usually...

Get outside! Preferably near the ocean with my husband and our dog Moose. 

Support a local business - that's where the passion for this marketing studio came from afterall!  

Open up a cookbook and find the most difficult recipe to make!


Collaborate with colleagues, clients, friends, and family...a good brainstorm is always worth it!

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